Southgate praises Arsenal star as an important player for England

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Southgate praises Arsenal star as an important player for England.

  • Gareth Southgate has great admiration for Declan Rice.
  • This player is a key man in midfield for the England national team.
  • The player has performed well at Arsenal after just joining the team last summer.

Gareth Southgate, England national team manager Came out to praise Declan Rice, a talented midfielder from Arsenal , a giant club in the Premier League, as one of the important players of the “Roaring Lions” in this era.

Southgate said: “I thought Declan was an outstanding player throughout the game with or without the ball. He also showed excellent movement. He is a truly important player for us.”

Gareth Southgate angers West Ham fans with Declan Rice comments

Gareth Southgate has angered West Ham United supporters by praising Declan Rice, following a strong performance from the midfielder on Saturday. England didn’t put in their best performance against Brazil on Saturday, losing 1-0 in a friendly at Wembley, but Declan Rice was impressive on an individual basis.

After the game, Gareth Southgate singled out the midfielder for praise, suggesting the 25-year-old’s game has reached a new level.

“I thought Declan [Rice] was outstanding, throughout the game,” Southgate said. “With and without the ball.

“[He] showed the next step that he has gone to. He’s a crucial player for us anyway, โปรโมชั่น ufabet but he looked totally at home in that sort of environment.

The 25-year-old engine player moved from West Ham United to play with Arsenal last summer. With a huge fee of 105 million pounds, he immediately became an important force for Miguel Arteta, the Spanish trainer of the “gunners”.

  This season, Rice has played 39 games for Arsenal. Scoring 6 goals and serving as a strong anchor in the midfield. And has important role in keeping “The Gunners” at the top of the Premier League score table at this time.

As for Rice, he has been on the England national team for 49 games, scoring 3 goals.