FIFA orders Cardiff to pay another 11 million euros for Emiliano Sala.

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FIFA have ruled that Cardiff City must pay the full price of the late Emiliano Sala to Nantes. According to French publication L’Equipe football.

Cardiff City and Nantes have been in a dispute for more than four years over the value of Emiliano Sala. Which Cardiff bought from Nantes but never played for Cardiff. 2019 

Sala died during a plane flight to Cardiff to make his official debut. But the accident occurred in the English Channel in January 2019 UFABET

Nantes have filed a lawsuit against Cardiff for the remainder of the fee after only receiving the first of the three installments agreed. 

Recently, Lequipe, a French media reported that. FIFA has ordered Cardiff to pay Nantes the remaining two installments totaling 11 million euros to complete the deal. They had agreed upon during the transfer.

Cardiff, meanwhile, have also filed a lawsuit seeking €100m plus interest on the grounds that Sala would help the then-Premier League team. Could have survived relegation in the 2018/19 season if he hadn’t lost his life on the way.

In the 2018/19 season, Cardiff City finished 18th in the table, leading to relegation to the Championship. And still unable to return to the Premier League until now that is still in the English second league as before.