Benefits of bananas for health.

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Benefits of bananas that many people may not have known before. But if you try it, you’ll fall in love. Until you want to settle down and eat only bananas, you can!

1. Helps refresh the body.      

Bananas are fruits that contain 3 types of sugar: sucrose, fructose, and glucose. These sugars from bananas are nutrients that the body is ready to use as energy immediately. Therefore, who wants to add energy to feel rejuvenated? A banana will help. UFABET Especially if you eat after exercising. Your body will feel refreshed. People who regularly run long distances or do heavy exercise should notice that they carry bananas as food after exercising.

2. Helps relieve stress.

Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan. which is an amino acid that helps stimulate serotonin Hormones that help the body feel relaxed. Or simply called the hormone of happiness. People who are stressed or feeling anxious. Try picking up a banana and eating it, it might help reduce your stress a little more or less.

3. Solve insomnia   

Eating before bed is another way to cure insomnia. Because are rich in amino acids and tryptophan. Important compound for creating serotonin Hormones in the body that help you fall asleep easier So who has restless sleep? Frequently unable to sleep, it is recommended to eat after dinner and then take a shower and sleep.